I have peanut or nut allergies, is it safe to eat your products?

We have nuts all over our facility and many of our flavors contain peanuts or other nuts.  We cannot guarantee that items not intended to have nuts will definitely not contain any nuts.

We do take a variety of steps to try to prevent nuts from getting into places they don't belong.  These steps include making sure that each ice cream bucket has its own scoop, we only share ice cream spades among buckets and those are stored in a dipwell and wiped clean and dry before use.  We also completely break down, clean and sanitize any ice cream machine that has had peanut butter in it before using it for something else. 

If you alert your scooper to any nut allergies we will try to be extra careful in preparing your frozen treat; but again there is no way to guarantee that your item will be nut free.

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