I just tried to use a gift card at Bruster's and they wouldn't take it. Why?

We accept any Bruster's gift card that has a magnetic strip on the back. This is the newer gift card system that has been used by the entire franchise system for a couple of years.

Before this new system there were a variety of low-tech gift cards sold by other Bruster's locations that do not have magnetic strips and instead have a dollar value printed on them. Bruster's Annapolis, which opened in May 2008, has never sold or re-issued these older gift cards. We stopped accepting them in the Spring of 2010.

We try to avoid saying "No" to customers and we are aware how frustrating it is to not be able to redeem something. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to get reimbursed from the store(s) that originally sold the gift cards to you. Every time we redeemed one of these cards in the past, we only gave and gave and never got a chance to receive the revenue from the original sale of the gift card(s). With so many expenses increasing, we simply cannot afford to take losses on these gift cards any longer.

We do fully participate in the new gift card system. Your best bet to get them redeemed may be to try the Glen Burnie, MD location which has been open longer and probably used to sell the old style gift cards. You may also be able to contact the Bruster's main office and ask them to convert your old gift card into a new gift card. Their number is (724) 774-4250.

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