We can help your group raise money!

Don't do fundraising with a faraway firm that takes a large portion of YOUR money to an out of state company.  Let your locally owned Bruster's help you raise money...locally!  We have four proven programs for you...

Pie Fundraiser graphic

Our online Pie fundraising program is as easy as, well, Pie!  You direct your members and customers to a website we create for you.  Your customers order and pay for delicious ice cream pies online.  The customers pickup their pies at Bruster's on a pre-arranged date.  You do not have to go door-to-door, process orders, deliver or collect money.  We write you a check at the end, you collect $5 from each pie sold.

Click here to see an example of our online pie ordering site!


Coupon book iconOur Booster Coupon Books are another easy way to raise funds.  Our coupon books contain a variety of coupons for delicious treats at Bruster's.  The customers can save between $20-40 depending on the treats ordered.  You sell the books for $12 and keep $6 from each book sold. 


Scooper Nights are another fun way to raise money at Bruster's.  You advertise and tell everyone that your group will be scooping at Bruster's on a pre-scheduled night.  You help our staff out and schmooze your customers and people who are helping your group.  You get a portion of the evenings profits.  The more people you bring in the better you do.  If you can get a local celebrity out to help you that night...all the better!

Bkue pop ice ice



You can have a Blue Pop Ice Day at your event and receive a $1 off each cup of italian ice sold.  Just tell us how many cups of italian ice to deliver, charge each customer $2 for each cup of blue pop ice and take a 50% profit for your organization!



Please contact our General Manager, Lisa Ruth to discuss your fundraising needs at (410) 295-0025 or fill out this contact form.



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