Help Support XYZ group

treat yourself to something delicious while helping XYZ group raise money to do wonderful things!

XYZ Group helps students do X.  They have about XXX members and in the past they have helped local students do <a bunch of different projects>.  You can help with our latest project by ordering a delicious ice cream pie below.  We get a portion of the profits from the treats ordered off this page.

Ordering is simple: just select, order, and pay for your ice cream treats here and pick them up at Bruster's Annapolis on <date here>.

Please select an ice cream pie below or a half gallon to go from our special collection of flavors.

Notes about this fundraiser

Please make sure that you pickup your item(s) on [insert day & time here]. Items ordered but left after that date may be donated to the Anne Arundel County Food Bank.