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Bruster's Truck (Big Bruse)

Big Bruse is our 28'  Bruster's Ice Cream Truck  for Catering, Festivals, Events ... we'll also let you know where Bruse will be through out the serving season. Big Bruse is available for parties & events. We can serve a full menu out this truck. Packages starts at $800 for up to 150 guests. Call to have Big Bruse at your event and customize a package and book your date!


Bruster's Trailers & Carts

We have several freezers and a Trailer to get them to your event, school, party, pool... WHATEVER! Dipping Freezers are available for parties & events. Packages starts at $500 for up to 75 guests. Call to have our Dipping Freezer at your event and customize a package and book your date


DIY/Table Service

We offer table service with our insulated kegs for small parties and gatherings. You can also save money by picking up the kegs and serving yourself (small keg deposit required). Packages start at $300. Everything you need for a DIY party of up to 50 guests ... Ice cream, Cups/Cones, Spoons & Napkins... Include a server for $60/3hrs. THAT'S EASY!

Bruster's Events

Look for our Spring Events Coming Soon!

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